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Gum Recession Treatment in Liberty, MO

Treatment for Gum Recession in Liberty, MO

Gum recession is one of the most common and undesirable issues concerning your gums. Not only can it be painful and cause a number of other oral health issues, it can also detract from the natural beauty of your smile. Fortunately, at our office, we offer an excellent and comfortable alternative to traditional gum grafting in Liberty, Missouri.


Gum Recession & Oral Health

If you experience gum recession it is important to seek treatment. If left untreated, gum recession will quickly result in tooth decay. It can also eventually lead to bone and tooth damage, which can then result in tooth loss. The health of your gums is closely tied with your overall health. This is why we highly suggest seeking quality treatment for gum recession as early as possible.


Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique

At Northland Family Dentistry, we offer the most advanced form of gum recession treatment. We are trained and skill on offering the Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique. This process was developed by Dr. John Chao and prevents the need for invasive, painful traditional methods that involve scalpels and suturing.

The Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique offers amazing results and a comfortable experience for patients. While traditional gum grafting required either donor tissue or tissue grafts from other areas of the body, the Pinhole Technique uses the patients’ own gum tissue to treat recession.


How Does it Work?

Patients who are seeking treatment for gum recession will first undergo a consultation with our dentists. During this consult, we will examine the severity of the recession as well as the oral health of the patient. Once it is confirmed that the patient is a good candidate for the technique, anesthesia is administered to the affected area. This will help create a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Once the gum area is properly anesthetized, our dentists will create a small hole in the gumline. Then, small instruments are used to manipulate the tissue so that it is loosened and stretched over the exposed area. Once the tissue fully covers the root structure, the patient can enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile. Another advantage of this procedure is that patients can expect very little downtime or pain afterwards.


Advantages of the Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique:

  • Faster procedure compared to traditional gum grafting
  • Minimal discomfort for patient during and after procedure
  • Less downtime than traditional grafting
  • No incisions, scalpels, or sutures
  • Long lasting results


How to Prevent Gum Recession

Gum recession is uncomfortable, unhealthy, and unattractive. In order to help our patients care for their gums after gum recession treatment, we suggest following the same tips that patients can also follow to prevent gum recession:

  • Practice good oral hygiene habits- brush and floss daily
  • Keep regular check-up appointments with your dentist
  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Brush softly- we typically suggest only brushing using your thumb and forefinger
  • Eat healthy
  • Avoid tobacco use


If you are experiencing gum recession, trust our team at Northland Family Dentistry to provide beautiful, long lasting results through the comfort of our Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique. Don’t opt to undergo painful gum grafting. Visit our office today or call us at (816) 716-1000  to learn more and to schedule your consultation with our team.

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